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Coaching is an art form as any other. You may have the same tools as many others, but are different ways to express them. Engaging with PHYSIOINNOVATION in a sports coaching management development, means a throughout investigation of the whole YOU. This is why you will need to fill out an extensive SPORT PERFORMANCE QUESTIONNAIRE. We will then through Skype and personal sessions inspire your training and approach to daily life with relevant knowledge about nutrition, goal setting, mental and physical training, recovery and structure.


Our approach is completely personalized to you as athlete, no matter your level, which is why we do not want to engage with the masses, our approach takes time!  Based upon our SPORT PERFORMANCE CONSULTING sessions both personally and virtually you will be given training advices and instructed with methods to optimize your recovery through diet, sleep and training methods, not to forget sleeping strategies.

PHYSIOINNOVATION also offers VIRTUAL meetings of sport performance consulting sessions, where you will learn about nutrition, technique training, biomechanics and movement, training, performance and mental training.

To start up as an athlete and wanting to achieve the best, does not mean that you can only do it alone. There are many factors that sums up your total chance to get succeed. Such factors include visibility on social medias, on the web, getting contact with personal sponsors, contacting teams that would be interested in you as an athlete! All these things take time and maybe you don’t even like it, you just want to do your sport!

Contact us for a meeting and let’s see how we could interact with your dreams and set up a plan to how achieving that dream!



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