Altitude Training // Rental of Hypoxic Machine & Tent


Rent Altitude Training Simulator

Tent & hypoxic exercise accessories + Altitude Training protocol included

Rent Altitude simulator by Hypoxico to do either Intermittent Hypoxic Exercise and/or Exposure and/or Live High Train Low protocols. Obviously even a mix of these altitude training protocols are possible. The science of altitude training is moving constantly. We now understand more why and what kind of parameters that could potentially give a boost in performance and/or recovery by enhanced scientific altitude training strategies…

High Altitude

Simulating up to 6000mts

Altitude training protocols with a hypoxic simulator is a time efficient way to gain in endurance capacity or to use boosting recovery strategies depending on which method you are using. PHYSIOINNOVATION consult and help you getting the right type of altitude training protocol for your sport, the timing of your peak performance, recovery strategies and nutritional advice to get the maximum benefit of Altitude Training.

Read more about the different Altitude Training methods on our blog at Tumblr – PHYSIOINNOVATION

Contact & Pricing

Pricing for rental of a period of Altitude Training (min. 16 days) is 390,-CHF inclusive altitude training protocol adapted for your specific need. For every extra week the pricing is 50,-CHF pr. week.


Contact us at to learn more and book the Altitude Training Simulator by Hypoxico

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PHYSIOINNOVATION is a company offering multiple services for athletes. We are based in the heart of the Alps in Vallée du Trient on the Emosson climb as used in the Tour de France 2016. We offer solutions for all type of athletes through our sport performance consulting. Furthermore we offer biomechanical optimization for cyclists through our MyoKinematics Bike Fit system, developed since 2007. We even offer training camps situated on the climb of Finhaut Emosson, as used in the 2016 Tour de France. 

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